Opening the world of cryptocurrencies to charities and causes everywhere

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It’s simple. Charities can easily accept cryptocurrency donations using our system. We convert the donations into any major currency and bank-wire the proceeds to your organization!

About the service

BitDonate is a cryptocurrency donation management platform specifically designed for charities and causes. BitDonate helps nonprofits swiftly and easily gain access to a whole new class of donors.

Our platform is only available to registered charitable organizations and in order to use the Platform, charities must open a BitDonate account.

How does it work?

BitDonate provides all the necessary tools to charities and causes that join the platform, facilitating an immediate ability to accept multiple cryptocurrencies as donations.

BitDonate converts the cryptocurrency received into the national currency that the charity is working with and then transfers the converted amount to the charity’s designated bank account.

Crypto to cash process

Donor donates

to an eWallet powered
by BitDonate

and BitDonate converts
crypto to cash

and sends it to the
Charity’s Bank account

Advantages of accepting donations in cryptocurrencies

Access to a global audience
Cost minimization
Instant donations
Marketing and awareness opportunity
Encouragement of transparency

Charities & causes utilizing BitDonate


Crypto currencies accepted